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Chlorine dioxide


Product used for the disinfection of water for animal and human consumption, as well as in the food industry.
It disinfects water storage and distribution systems, also eliminating biofilm and algae.
The product is supplied in two components that must be mixed at the time of application.

Add component B (supplied in 1 liter bottles) in the Component A container (25 liter jug) and shake for a few seconds. Allow the reaction to take place (30 min at 20ºC) and dose directly into the water.

Standard dosage: 1 Lt of mixture per 20m3 of water. This dosage may vary depending on the initial water conditions.

Component A: 24 Kg supplied in 25Lt carafe

Component B: 1 Kg supplied in a 1 Lt bottle

Different formats can be studied in a personalized way

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