Chlorine-free products

Oxobrom bilayer tablets


Solid disinfectant product, supplied as a bilayer tablet consisting of solid peroxide on one side and bromine on the other, combined in the optimal proportion to achieve maximum performance of both components.

It does not have the disadvantages of chlorinated products.

Independent treatment of the water’s pH. It does not modify water hardness.


Physical State: Solid

Appearance: Bilayer tablet

Odour:  Practically odourless


A correct treatment requires adding 400-600 g of product per 50 m3 of water every two days.

Place the tablets in the skimmer. If there is more than one, divide the tablets evenly.


The desirable water pH is between 7.2 and 7.6. However, the product admits a wider range than the chlorine (between 7 and 8) without loss of disinfectant effectiveness.

The recommended dosages are approximate and depend on factors such as water hardness, number of swimmers, weather conditions, etc.


Different packages from 1Kg to 50 Kg.

Different formats can be studied in a customized manner.

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