how do we work?

Machine Manufacturing 

 Our experience and the opportunity to collaborate with large companies has made Envasados del Pirineo a company capable of developing different types of products, as well as producing their packaging, since we have machines adaptable to different types of production, whether with our formulations and packaging or those that our clients provide.

Our technical laboratory intervenes in this process, following the protocols for implementation and for manufacturing systems that result in 100% satisfaction of our clients.

Among our developmental successes are clear examples such as the new Integral Treatment Tablet, the inception of completely new products for multi-national companies that operate worldwide, the creation of new product lines that are breaking sales records even in the least favourable situations, as well as individual projects of small enterprises that, thanks to their ideas, achieve broad benefits.

Integral Logistic System

Envasados del Pirineo has large warehouses equipped with the latest technical advances for the preparation of orders, a planning process, instrumentation and efficient and effective control, from the warehouse of raw materials, the inventory of unfinished products and that of finished products, as well as the information from the point of origin to the consumption point and all with the primary aim of fulfilling the requirements of our clients.

Our Logistics System is characterized by playing a role of utmost importance, which has to do with ensuring a flow directed at supplying our clients with the products and services they demand at the time they demand it and with excellent quality.

We focus on coordinating the following activities:

    • Storage
    • Dispatching
    • Supply
    • Purchases
    • Material savings
    • External transport
    • Internal transport
    • Inter-company
    • Distribution
    • Treatment and attention to orders
    • Recycling of waste and of products discarded by the client
    • Production planning
    • Production control
    • Information and communications
    • Quality control
    • Financing
    • Maintenance
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Environmental protection

All of these to ensure the flow that guarantees a high level of service to our clients.

Furthermore, the agreements that it has with international carriers allow it to respond regarding the state of the shipments at any time.

Packaging & Design

Envasados del Pirineo has a development and design department for all types of packaging and products, guaranteeing an optimal final product in design and effectiveness in use.

Our packages in turn contain the product, protect it, are adaptable to the assembly lines, helping to promote or sell the article, satisfying the legal requirements, and always keeping packaging costs in line. 

We carry out the complete product design, giving it added value, in order to obtain the highest performance of the different sales channels that exist, and that each day are more competitive.

    • Corporate image design
    • Label design
    • Logo design
    • Catalogue design
    • Packaging design
    • Infographic design
    • Photography
    • Advertising

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