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Comprehensive Logistics System Envasados del Pirineo

Comprehensive Logistics System

Envasados del Pirineo has warehouses equipped with the latest technical advances in order preparation, an efficient and effective planning, implementation and control process, from storage of raw materials, inventory of products being manufactured and those already completed, as well as relevant information from the point of origin to point of consumption and all with the primary purpose of complying with our customers’ requirements.

Our Logistics System is characterized by playing a vital role, which is related to securing a flow aimed at providing our customers with products and services required at the time they are demanded while ensuring excellent quality. We focus on performing the coordination of the following activities:

Storage, shipping, procurement, purchasing, material economy, external transport, internal transport, company to company transportation, distribution, treatment and order service, recycling of waste and of those products disposed of by customers, production planning, production control , information and communications, quality control, finance, maintenance, marketing, sales, and environmental protection. All of them in terms of guaranteeing the flow which ensures a high level of service to our customers.p>

Besides, the agreements we have entered into with international shipping companies allow us to provide information about the status of shipments at any time.

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