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We have 6,000 m2 of covered premises and 12,000 m2 uncovered.

We provide High Added Value

The state-of-the-art technology Envasados del Pirineo is committed to enables a combination of the development of leading-edge products in the market with an ability to manufacture them in modern premises:

1.- Our own R&D and Innovation laboratory, for the development of the most advanced products based on market needs.

2.- Modern installations with rotary machinery and highly qualified personnel enabling the manufacture of tablets of different sizes and designs first formulated in the laboratory.

The result of this combination is the launch of pioneering products on the market that provide our clients with high added value as in the case of the 2 layer tablets, the 2 layer tablets with central cluster, the peroxide tablets, the peroxide with algaecide, etc. in addition to other products developed jointly and exclusively with clients.

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