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Quality is the instrument that governs the planning and development of the production processes of Envasados del Pirineo: its main objective is to achieve the greatest possible satisfaction for its clients.

In its thirst for excellence, the company has designed and implemented an Integrated System for Quality Management, in accordance with standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001, which ensures constant improvements and the optimization of the design, manufacture and commercialization of its products, including the possibility of their adaptation to the specific needs of clients.

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Painstaking respect for the environment is another of the aspirations taken on board by Envasados del Pirineo through the implementation of environmental policies committed to the application of standard ISO 14001. This is not one of the keys to the development of the company for nothing: the strict control of atmospheric emissions, the treatment of waste water and the maximum recovery of waste generated in the plants.

The latest developments have been aimed at 100% biodegradable products. And that is why we were awarded the company Environment prize.

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