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Envasados del Pirineo is a Spanish company founded on the 20th of January 2001. We have 6,000 m2 of covered premises and 12,000 m2 uncovered. We are a company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of innovative solutions for the treatment of water, basically for swimming pools and animal health, but also for agriculture, the foodstuffs industry, refrigeration towers, laundries, the pharmaceutical sector, etc. Envasados del Pirineo has its own R&D and Innovation laboratory. We are therefore pioneers in the development of new products. As a result we were awarded the Prize for Innovation in 2008, and obtained CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) and Iberoeka projects for water treatment research during 2010.


The best expression of the philosophy of Envasados del Pirineo is its work. It has made a strong commitment to maintaining a loyal relationship with its clients; ties strengthened by closeness, constant efforts to meet their needs and the excellent quality of the products. Confidence accumulated throughout its lifetime, which has turned it into one of the most important European companies in the sector.

Large Production Capacity

Envasados del Pirineo is the European leader and third largest company in the world in terms of its production capacity. It can achieve figures in excess of 20,000 tons/year.

Our production covers the full range of products required for the treatment of swimming pool water, in solid and liquid form: tablets in a range of weights and diameters, grains and powders, auxiliary solids and liquids, peroxides, etc.

Highly versatile alternating own formulations (standard or special) with others provided by clients. Personalized packaging, labelling and pallet loading with our own labels and packs or those indicated by clients.

We have a SEVESO II warehouse so we can provide our clients with the best possible logistics services.

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